A New Experience

Despite the Jose Reyes jerseys that dotted Wrigley Field’s
box seats and bleachers on Tuesday, this remains Chicago, where the Cubs and White Sox — and certainly not
the Mets or Yankees — remain kings.  So the novelty of this day hasn’t been lost on Illinois residents, who shared the intrigue of being able to watch their two hometown teams on
the same day.

Major League Baseball has always attempted to keep one team
at home while the other is on the road, so doubleheaders such as this one don’t
happen often. The Yankees and Mets simply stumbled into a different sort of Chicago experience.

“Just the fact that the Cubs and the Sox are in town on the
same day is so rare,” said Jamie Binder, 36, of Chicago. “It’s not a once-in-a-lifetime
chance, but it’s pretty rare — so why not come?”

Binder, a Cubs fan, came to the game with her brother, Mark,
a White Sox fan. Like so many of the thousands who packed into Wrigley Field
for Tuesday’s matinee, they planned on jumping back on the Red Line after the
game to head down to the South Side.

They, however, weren’t as bold as some of the Yankees and
Mets fans — and even some of the White Sox fans — who ventured out to Wrigley
in jerseys in caps. Opting instead for plain shirts that hid their allegiances,
the Binders watched this game in anonymity.

“He knows better than to wear his White Sox gear here,”
Jamie Binder said, before nodding her head south. “And I know better than to
wear my Cubs gear over there.”

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