Cubs Win!

The Wrigley Field bleachers are exactly what bleachers
should be — sunny, loud and fun. They also provide a prime view of the roof
seating out across the street, where local real estate owners have planted full
sets of bleachers on top of otherwise ordinary buildings. My colleague,
Cubs writer Carrie Muskat, tells me that the Cubs decided to take a cut from
those ticket sales, rather than attempt to thwart them. Sounds like smart
business to me.

As I was admiring those makeshift bleacher seats, a Cubs fan
sitting in the last row of the real bleachers called out to a small boy,
decked out in Cubs gear and walking below. 

“Hey buddy, guess what?” he said.

The child looked up, but said nothing. 

“Go Cubs!” the man yelled.

The child grinned.

Not everyone was in such a cheerful mood, however —
especially not after the Cubs piled on four more runs in the eighth inning to
take an 8-1 lead. One group of Mets fans clung to a railing behind some box
seats, hanging on every pitch of the late Cubs rally. When shortstop Ronny
Cedeno blasted a grand slam to all but put the Mets away, Korrin Martin, 28, of
Kenosha, Wisc., dropped to her knees, while her
friend, Rob Piparo, 29, of New
Brunswick, N.J.,
walked over to a pair of Cubs fans and solemnly shook their hands.

“I was kind of mad at him for that,” Martin said. “You don’t
want to do that if you’re a real Mets fan.” 

For any Mets fans — real or not — the eventual 8-1 loss
may not have been the ending that they anticipated, but it still couldn’t
completely spoil the fun. Not here. Not in Wrigley.

“I don’t care,” Piparo said. “This is like a heaven of
baseball. I came here last night, too, and I felt like a little kid. It’s like
a cathedral. I don’t even care if the Mets win or lose, it’s just great to come
out here.” 

Now, with the game having ended and the fans spilling out
onto the street, it’s time for me to climb back up to Addison Station and head
on over to U.S. Cellular Field.

There’s still plenty more baseball to come.


4 big market teams playing in a big market at the same time. I wonder which team will get higher tv ratings, White Sox or Cubs?

Hey Anthony,

I’m enjoying the stories about watching baseball in Chicago. Wrigley Field truly is the cathedral of baseball. I’ve made pilgrimages from Minnesota where we have the worst field in the major leagues. I’m feeling the urge to take another road trip after reading your entries.


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