North Side Eats

They keep it basic here at Wrigley, and that makes sense. Other
stadiums might boast concessions ranging from tacos to sushi to kielbasa to clam
chowder, but the Cubs have always tended to stick to some more traditional
fare: hot dogs, pretzels and beer.

To get the full Wrigley experience, of course, I needed to
forego a meal in the press box in favor of the concession stand behind home
plate. So there I was in the second inning, waiting in line and ordering.

“Just a hot dog,” I said.

“Just a hot dog?” the cashier answered, raising her eyebrows.
“Good choice.”

It was a good choice — simple yet solid. The dog set me
back $3.75, while others buying soda and beer shelled out $4.50 and $6.25,
respectively. Pricey, yes, but hardly criminal by ballpark standards. Not to
mention that it would be difficult to leave this park anything less than
satisfied — especially not today, with the sun shining and the pitchers

So while I sat and enjoyed the hot dog, Mets starter Nelson
Figueroa wriggled out of a bases-loaded jam to keep the Cubs off the board.
Three innings in, the game was still scoreless, and the hot dog was gone. I can’t
promise I won’t go buy another.


Enjoying your blog! I’m in my corporate office in Santa Fe right now about a year removed from my days in Chicago where I enjoyed Cubs and Soxs games alike. I tell ya, one of the things I miss the most about Chicago, Wriggley Field. And I encourage you to get an Old Style Beer while you’re there. Old Style is fairly local, and for some reason just feels like the right thing to do while you’re watching the Cubbies.

Another suggestion if you’re able, spend some time in the Bleachers.

Look forward to your next post. And don’t feel too bad for me, I have MLB Audio Pass, so I’m happily listening to Pat and Ron on WGN Radio.
Go Cubs……..Go Sox!

Try a bar on the north side–called twin anchors. Its a bar with the best ribs this side of memphis. I only hope its still open. I haven’t been to the 2nd city for 15 years or so.

Yeah Great call, Jeff. Twin Achors was still there a year ago — Off of North Avenue. GREAT neighborhood bar. Last time I was there, I had the Ribs, and they Kicked ***.

Anthony, when you get to New Comisky (Cellular) — Two suggestions. Give the Dugout Bar a try — it’s underneath the Right Field Bleachers (not easy to find). It’s unique from most ball parks I’ve visited, and in my opinion it works. Second suggestion, get a hot dog. Cellular has a wide array of food options like most modern parks, but their Hot Dogs with Grilled Onions are Thee Best! Mondays used to be two for one hot dog night, and I think this increased attendance by 7,000!

Enjoy yourself, and when the game is over head back to the North Side.


Anthony, Will you trade me jobs? I tell ya, I’ve been a Cubs fan for many years. Even Named my son Sammy when he was born in 1999. I know you had to run to the south side but next time after a win you need to walk across the steet to the Cubby Bear. I’ve never seen such a varied mix of ages all partying for the same reason before in my life. That place rocks and is a great place to enjoy and Old Style and celebrate a Cubs victory. Also Murphy’s behind the outfield bleachers has great brats if you’re still hungry after your chicage dog at the park. Greg

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