Souvenir Shop

Some particularly ardent New York fans flew to Chicago on Tuesday simply to watch this doubleheader. Others, such as Shaun Clancy, had an added motive.

“I try to pick up souvenirs and
stuff like that for my bar,” Clancy said. “When people come in, you try to put up
something that will remind them of what they’re used to.”

Clancy is the owner of Foley’s Pub
in midtown Manhattan
— yes, the same Foley’s that famously banned “Danny Boy” earlier this year. Despite
that, Foley’s remains better known as a baseball bar, with paraphernalia from so
many teams hanging on the walls. Over the years, Clancy has traveled to nearly
40 Major League stadiums in search of his loot, so he wasn’t about to miss a
chance to see two New York teams in the same city.

“Things like this don’t happen too
often,” Clancy said. “When you get a chance to do something like this, you do

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Anthony, I think youz gots a real good feel for both Wrigley and Cellular. The Cell has become a Marketing Machine and in that aspect is in complete contrast to Wrigley. Looking forward to a summary of your experience. I’ve never been to NYC, but if Chicago Vs. NY happens in NYC next year that sounds like a good reason to visit. If i do, I’ll be checking in with you for a little home town guidance.

Cheers bro, Dan

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