Caffeine, anyone?

The area around Yankee Stadium, at least by New York standards, is
barren. Aside from some stray bars and hot dog stands, there’s not a whole lot
to greet the No. 4 train as it rumbles above the street and past the stadium

Good thing the park itself has its own fine selection of
food. Besides the standard fare — Nathan’s hot dogs are among the best in the
game — Yankee Stadium boasts some unique sandwich shops, including a Goya
stand that serves hot Cuban sandwiches and a Carl’s Steaks shop that doles out
fresh cheese steaks. There’s an Arthur
Avenue stand for those in need of a good Italian
sub, and if all else fails, the chicken fingers rarely disappoint. 

The food runs a bit pricey — $4 for a pretzel, $9.50 for a
beer and $10 for a chicken finger basket add up — but the portions are large.

So glancing at the scoreboard and realizing that the Yankees
and Mets needed more than two hours to complete five innings, I thought some
more food might be necessary. But then I remembered what Jerry Manuel said
before the game — fans (and apparently not food) create the energy. 

“There’s no question that these people, these fans in this
city — regardless of who’s tired, who’s not tired, who’s fatigued — they
don’t care,” Manuel said. “They’re looking for a performance from both Yankees
and Mets, and hopefully we can give it to them.”

I’m not so sure this was the performance Manuel had in mind.
More than two and a half hours in, the Yankees and Mets are still stuck in the
top of the sixth inning. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Less than four hours until the
scheduled first pitch at Shea Stadium — at this rate, we might not make it in

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