Double Down

So now it’s officially over, even though the outcome of this day had
been certain for quite some time. The lights are still on here at Shea
Stadium, roughly half an hour after LaTroy Hawkins threw the day’s final pitch. Groundskeepers
are watering down the infield with a hose. A few workers are in the stands
picking up trash. Everyone is preparing to do it again.

Not two games, mind you, but one. This doubleheader was
enough for everyone — Mets and Yankees included. Indeed, Jerry Manuel was
only three minutes into his postgame interview session when he jumped out of
his chair and started toward the door. 

“I’m tired,” Manuel said. “I’ll see y’all tomorrow.”

On the other side — the winning side — Joe Girardi was
faced with roster decisions, given that Sidney Ponson pitched well enough to earn
another start. 

But roster decisions are rarely fun at midnight.

“It’s been kind of a long day,” Girardi said. “I’m just
going to go home and sleep, and we’ll make some decisions from there.” 

No free time, but no one’s complaining. The Yankees and Mets
both felt that something was missing from this day, because they both felt they
could have played vastly better — the Yankees in the afternoon, and the Mets
at night.

But for the fans, this day couldn’t be beat. Two games, one
each in Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium. This was history. This will never
happen again.

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