One Down, One to Go

The festive atmosphere has drained out of Yankee Stadium,
and the fans are streaming toward the exits.

“Not a good start,” one of them said. 

Not for the Yankees. Not after this nine-run blowout.

Good thing there’s a whole game left to play. 

Idling just outside Yankee Stadium’s player entrance is a
small army of sleek white buses, waiting to transport this whole operation over
the Triborough Bridge. A relatively speedy few innings helped
to move this game along, and there’s another police escort lying in wait. But to
get to Shea Stadium in time for Friday’s nightcap, the Yankees and Mets still
must battle rush-hour traffic. On a Friday. In the summer.

Both teams are set to jump in those buses only 20 minutes
after the final pitch, and get set for a (somewhat) fresh start at Shea.

We’re four hours in, and we’re not even half done. Time to strap in.

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