Rain Men

Nothing says baseball like dark clouds and gray skies. Or
something like that. 

The sun has yet to shine on Yankee Stadium this afternoon,
which could spell bad news for Friday’s dual-stadium doubleheader. Transporting
thousands of fans, two teams and one media horde from the Bronx to Queens is no easy task. Doing it on the heels of a rain
delay is something entirely different. 

Not that anybody’s resigned to a delay just yet. Though
forecasts call for scattered thunderstorms throughout this afternoon and
evening, there’s hope that both games will go off without a hitch. The first
game started on time. Consider that an omen.

Nearly all of Friday afternoon’s fans have already streamed
into Yankee Stadium — some of them cashing in rain checks from May’s postponed
game, some of them attending on the good graces of their friends, many of them
discreetly skipping work. 

Some held umbrellas. Others didn’t.

Some looked up to the gray sky and frowned. Others didn’t. 

While all this was taking place, however, one particularly
boisterous group of Yankee fans slowly began clapping, then humming and
whooping in time. They taunted a Mets fan as he passed, then yelled louder as
they tried to drown out his cries of “Go Mets!”

Forget the weather. The Subway Series had begun.

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