On its own merits, this is a unique day in New York baseball. A fatiguing day, too. So
consider how the Yankees feel, watching their Thursday night game get washed
out in Pittsburgh, and then having to travel home for Friday’s doubleheader.
It’s an awfully quick turnaround, necessitated by an inability to fiddle with
Saturday’s schedule and an unwillingness to tempt fate and wait until Sunday.
“Unusual,” is how Yankees manager Joe Girardi described it, speaking while the
Mets — who were off Thursday — were all still gathering at Shea. 

“It’s not going to change it,” Girardi said, “but I don’t
understand it.”

Perhaps most affected was Dan Giese, who may have been
called upon to pitch in Thursday’s game had play ever resumed. That would have
created its own set of problems, but instead, the game was called. Giese
remained the man for Friday. 

Problems, problems, problems. But even so, this whole
atmosphere isn’t lost on Girardi. Between his sleeplessness and his roster
machinations — is Hideki Matsui going to the DL or isn’t he? — Girardi knows
that the fans who love him and the fans who hate him will all be coming out
today. And that alone should help every Yankee and Met make it through this
exhausting day.

“I think the energy level from the fans will be helpful,”
Girardi said. “There’s a buzz around the series — always.”

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