Starring from the dugout bench

When determining the star of Friday night’s game, Mets catcher Rod Barajas did not consider himself, despite his walk-off home run and multihomer game. Nor did Barajas look to rookie Ike Davis, who also hit two homers and made a head-over-heels catch tumbling over the dugout rail.

Instead, Barajas credited Alex Cora, who didn’t even play in the game.

When Cora realized that Davis was going to attempt to make a play on Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval’s foul pop in the ninth inning, he raced over to meet the rookie on the other side of the rail. Davis flipped over to the top step, but Cora was there to break his fall and prevent him from tumbling down to the dugout floor.

“We don’t want Ike Davis to go down with an injury,” Barajas said. “And Alex was there to catch him.”

“I saw the ball and I was like, ‘He needs help,'” Cora said.

Told that he had earned Barajas’ vote for star of the game, the backup infielder chuckled.

“He’s just trying to give me some credit,” Cora said.

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