Piazza wants to go into Hall as a Met

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Mike Piazza said that if he is elected to the Hall of Fame, he would prefer to have a Mets cap on his plaque in Cooperstown.

mikepiazza.jpg“The bulk of my career was with the Mets,” Piazza told the Times, “and after going through the trade, then the drama of 9/11. I’ll never forget my Dodger days. But my time with the Mets is what I’ll remember most about my career.”

Piazza played seven full seasons in New York, more than anyplace else. Though his years there were not as dominant as his formative years with the Dodgers, Piazza did markedly raise his profile as a Met.

Per a recent rule change, Major League Baseball no longer allows players to choose their Hall of Fame caps. In Piazza’s case, there could easily be a split decision.

First, of course, he has to make it. Though widely considered the greatest offensive catcher of his generation, Piazza will — fairly or not — fall under suspicion and scrutiny for playing during the height of the steroid era. Still, he should be close to a lock to make the Hall when he is eligible in 2013, or shortly thereafter.


His Mets numbers speak for themselves, of course he should go in as a Met.

Piazza was the heart of those Mets teams…I’m not so sure you could say the same for the Dodgers during his years in L.A.

All they need to do is look at the first game back in NY after 9/11, his homerun and the reaction from the crowd, and they should realize Piazza needs to go in the Hall as a Met.

hes the man who made the Mets interesting for 7 years. Sure could use him again!

I think Mike was the greatest everyday player in Mets history. We miss ya pal!

Mike Piazza is a Met. That’s how history will see him and how his plaque should be labelled. This isn’t some mercenary move like Reggie Jackson pulled when he had his plaque reflect his Yankee days (5 years) instead of his 11 in Oakland. Reggie knew where his bread was to buttered, and, of course, Steinbrenner fell for it like the scheming oaf that he was. In contrast, you had the classy Cathfish Hunter, who, despite spending most of his career — and his most productive years — with the A’s had the cap on his plaque with no insignia, in fear of showing his lack of appreciation to either team.

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