Igarashi nearing rehab assignment

Ryota Igarashi has thrown off a mound on multiple occasions and “is getting close” to a rehab assignment, according to Mets assistant general manager John Ricco.

igarashi.JPGIgarashi, who went on the disabled list April 21 with a strained left hamstring, posted a 1.35 ERA in seven games before the injury. Inked to a two-year, $3 million contract this past offseason, Igarashi spent early April working his way into the Mets’ late-game plans.

When he returns, he will open up several options for the Mets. Assuming Igarashi falls back into a setup tandem with lefty Pedro Feliciano, his presence would free the Mets to:

  • Stop overusing Fernando Nieve in late-game situations
  • Move Jenrry Mejia to Triple-A, where he could stretch out as a starter
  • Move Hisanori Takahashi into the starting rotation in place of Oliver Perez

Don’t get too excited, though — the Mets have shown zero desire to do any of those things, and don’t appear close to doing any of them even with Igarashi in the fold. But Igarashi’s presence, assuming it comes this month, will provide the Mets’ pitching staff with a modicum of flexibility.


that’s good thinking . But i would like to know who is responsible for little league baserunning mistakes? you know how many times there is a runner in 2nd with less than 2 out and a ground ball is hit to the ss and the runner on 2nd takes off i mean come on guys should be fined for this you kill a big inning and today Reyes your # 3 hitter did it its time for someone to be held accountable for all these mistakes no excuse you never see a yankee make these mistakes time for jerry and all the coaches and gm to go and you can throw the owners in the mix also. i’m a huge mets fan but it torch a watching these mets Bobby V would bench reyes

Agree with your comments about the pitching.

I think the Mets need to promote and give Jesus Feliciano (OF) a chance off the bench. He’s hitting .375 in Buffalo and has at least a 10 game hit streak down there going. This is not a fluke: he has hit .300 or so in AAA for years now so I can’t understand why they still have Matthews Jr. on the team and don’t give Jesus a chance.

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