May 2010

Bay not quite in the fast lane

There was a time when pitchers would cringe at the thought of feeding Jason Bay fastball after fastball. But with Bay completely out of whack at the plate, that is precisely what they are doing.

In Wednesday’s loss to the Reds, pitchers Johnny Cueto and Arthur Rhodes threw Bay a total of 13 fastballs and four sliders. Normally, that would be a recipe for disaster against one of the game’s foremost fastball hitters. But not now.

“The funny part is I’ve been seeing more fastballs because I can’t hit them,” Bay said.

Now hitless in his last 15 at-bats, Bay has to hit for the Mets to win. But manager Jerry Manuel said he has no plans to drop Bay lower in the lineup.

“We’re going to try to ride it out as long as possible,” Manuel said. “He has a history of being somewhat streaky. Hopefully he can get on one of those good streaks when he goes home.”

Musings in the Queen City

This is my third night in Cincinnati, and still nobody has been able to tell me why the Ohio River is a sickly shade of brown. Google also provides no answers. Anyone?

In other Ohio-related news, I used Tuesday to try a local favorite: Skyline Chili. My review? Eh. Strange concept, strange taste. I’ve also been told that a former Great American Ball Park staple, the fried Twinkie, has been discontinued. So that’s disappointing.

As for the Mets, Mike Pelfrey skipped his bullpen session today on pitching coach Dan Warthen’s orders. Pelfrey, Warthen and Jerry Manuel all swear he’s fine and will be able to make his next start Friday at Citi Field. And I’m in no place to disagree.

But isn’t this how all major injuries seem to start?