Wanted: Mets Inbox submissions

Do you have a burning Mets question you’d like to see answered on Mets.com? You’re in luck. I’ll be running an Inbox on the site this Monday and want to answer your questions. All of them. Well, actually only some of them. But still.

unclesam.jpgHere’s what you do: sit down at that old computer machine of yours shoot out an email with “METS INBOX” in the subject line to anthony.dicomo@mlb.com. Be sure to include your first name, last initial and hometown in the body of the email or your letter will not be included.

Proper grammar is mandatory. Proper syntax is encouraged. Oh, and we reserve the right to edit, cut, tinker with and generally bludgeon your emails to make them fit. It may be the interweb, but we only have so much space.

Feel free to send your emails anytime, not just this weekend. You never know when an Inbox might pop up on good ol’ Mets.com. But if you’d like your questions answered in Monday’s debut edition, then get ’em in soon. Deadlines, people. Deadlines.

Oh, one other thing. We typically get lots of submissions for these things, so don’t be offended if I can’t answer your question personally. All I can promise is that I’ll do my best.

—–Follow along on Twitter @anthonydicomo.

1 Comment

I believe 85% of the problem with the Mets is Jerry Manual. Just look at the last Giant Game . Why take Santana out after the eighth. I’m tellingyou he is the problem the other 15% also.

Rob.from brooklyn

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