K-Rod, meet Francisco Rodriguez

Several Mets were watching Thursday’s Mexico-France World Cup soccer match when the Mexicans subbed midfielder Francisco Rodriguez into the game.

mex-rod.jpg“Hey, we’ve got one of those,” quipped a bemused Jeff Francoeur.

So, too, do the Angels. Again.

Giving Anaheim’s bullpen a recent jolt has been 27-year-old Francisco Rodriguez, a Mexican reliever who previously wallowed in the team’s farm system for four seasons. Only in April did Rodriguez make his Major League debut, and only late last month was he able to stick in the bigs.

But since then, the other Rodriguez has been close to perfect, striking out 15 batters, walking one and allowing just one run in 10 1/3 innings.

“There are a bunch of us,” the Mets’ Francisco Rodriguez said when informed of the Angels pitcher. “That’s good for him.”

The younger Rodriguez recently related to the Los Angeles Times a meeting he had with K-Rod several years ago, when both were in big league camp with the Angels. But when asked Friday, K-Rod had no recollection of meeting his reflection.

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am i the only one out there that thinks getting rid of billy wagner was a hugh mistake and picking up K-rod (K-sucks). im sick and tired of watching this guy throw so eradically. its seems that the strike zone is out of this guys reach. here we go with another blown save. unreal!!!!! when will the wilpons wake up and finally fire minaya. and get a closer finally.

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