Ike Davis faced Strasburg…and all he got was this stupid t-shirt

The Met with most perspective on Saturday’s opposing starter, Stephen Strasburg, is one with nearly no big league experience at all. Ike Davis, another rising star in the youthful NL East, dug in against Strasburg last year in the Arizona Fall League. By his recollection, he went 0-for-2.

“He’s got good stuff,” Davis said. “He throws really hard.  He’s got three or four pitches, throws them for strikes, really comes after you. You just really need to pick one out and try to hit it.”

In the hours leading up to Saturday’s game, the Mets may lean on Davis for some insider info regarding Strasburg. Davis is the only Met to have seen him in person.

He and his teammates will also watch video, of course. But from what they’ve heard and seen, it may not matter much.

“Everyone has seen something they could look for,” Davis said. “But I don’t know what you would want to hit.”

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