Mets a footnote to no-hitter history

My first reaction tonight upon seeing that Matt Garza had thrown a no-hitter involved the Mets. By pitching the first no-no in Rays franchise history, Garza reduced the number of Major League teams without a no-hitter to two: the Mets and Padres.

It is simply astounding that the Mets, a franchise with two World Series championships that has been around for 49 seasons, has never had a no-hitter. They have employed some of the most electric pitchers in history, from Tom Seaver to Dwight Gooden. They have played their home games for 47 of their 49 seasons in notorious pitcher’s parks. They have played nearly 8,000 regular season games in total. And still nothing.

Four teams had never thrown no-hitters heading into this season, but Ubaldo Jimenez crossed the Rockies off that list in April and Garza has now done so for the Rays. Now it’s just the Mets and Padres, two expansion teams from the 1960s, who have never had one. And the Mets had a seven-year head start on the Friars, who have never won a World Series.


(In case you were wondering, the Mets have been no-hit four times, most recently by Houston’s Darryl Kyle in 2003. So there’s that.)

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And what makes the Mets no-hitterless streak even more amazing:

The Montreal Expos had their first no-hitter pitched in the ninth game of their existence, in April 1969 by Bill Stoneman.

Just goes to show that it’s not all the pitcher involved in a no-hitter. You need solid defense and, in most cases, a little (lotta?) bit of luck – just ask Armando Galarraga.

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