Todd Zeile goes Hollywood

Seems former Mets infielder Todd Zeile has been busy in his post-playing days. This from Zeile’s camp:

Todd Zeile is busier now than he was during his 15-year major league playing career which ended with the Mets in 2004. He is on the Board of Directors of the National Juvenile Diabetes Association, co-owns a private Jet center and has just co-produced his second movie, “I AM”. The movie, which deals with 10 strangers who gather in Los Angeles and unknowingly ignore the Ten Commandments, will be released on DVD on November 2nd. Zeile is also one of the stars of the movie as is his oldest son, Garrett.

This month “I AM” was distributed free of charge to over 2000 churches in the United States. Zeile’s first movie “Dirty Deeds” premiered in 2005. “I had more time to myself when I was a player,” kidded Todd, who was a key member of New York’s 2000 National League pennant-winning team. “I love the movie business. I think the public will find “I AM” an interesting new look at the Ten Commandments some 3500 years later.”

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