Ike Davis misses out on Gold Glove

Despite a tremendous defensive rookie season that saw him pace National League first basemen in several advanced fielding metrics, Mets rookie Ike Davis lost out on the Gold Glove award to two-time winner Albert Pujols of the Cardinals.

iketumbling.jpgThe Mets did not have a Gold Glove winner for the second consecutive season.

According to the web site Fangraphs.com, Davis, 23, led all NL first basemen in UZR, an advanced statistic designed to measure the number of runs a player saves on defense. Among all big league first baseman, he trailed only Daric Barton of the Athletics, who also fell short of a Gold Glove.

Unlike the MVP, Cy Young, Rookie and Manager of the Year awards, which are voted on by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, Gold Glove awards are voted on by players and managers.

Davis also finished second in the Majors behind Barton in plus-minus rating and runs saved, two statistics developed by noted sabermatrician Bill James. In James’ admittedly subjective Dewan Fielding Bible awards, Davis finished third behind Barton and Pujols.

The Mets had only one other legitimate candidate for a Gold Glove award: outfielder Angel Pagan, who lost out to Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies, Michael Bourn of the Astros and Shane Victorino of the Phillies. Pagan finished fifth in the Fielding Bible awards among outfielders, and fourth among NL outfielders in UZR.

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I wonder if Ike gets a “1” fielding rating in Strat-o-matic baseball? I am going to bet he gets a “2”…

The blame for the Mets woes should go to us the FANS if we keep pumping out our hard earned money to pay the salaries if players like Castillo and Perez then the Ponsies will continue to put out a mediocre team. We need to BOYCOTT the YANKEES series at CITI this year to hit them in the pocket where it hurts them the most. No hot dog,soda or beer sales for the 3 games will hurt!

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