Quotable: Phillies sign Cliff Lee

In case you missed it (or are trying to ignore it), the Phillies swooped in last night and signed free-agent lefty Cliff Lee to a five-year deal, giving Philadelphia four legitimate aces in Lee, Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels. MLB.com’s Todd Zolecki has all the details on Phillies.com and his MLBLog, The Zo Zone. But the Mets also had plenty to say at today’s holiday party for area children. A sampling:

  • clifflee.jpgManager Terry Collins: “I was taken by surprise, I can honestly tell you. I really felt that New York and Texas were the two places and certainly I was shocked, but I know better than to be shocked in our business … They’ve got our attention. Not like they didn’t have it before, for sure. We’ve got some preparation ahead.”
  • Third baseman David Wright: “On paper, they look great. They’ve made all the right moves, they’ve put together that pitching staff and that’s what wins baseball games. But there are a lot of variables that go into playing a season and that’s why we’re going to go out there, and it’s going to be a challenge. But I think we’re up to it and we’re going to prepare, go out there and win.”
  • Outfielder Carlos Beltran: “I don’t like to be negative. I never like to be negative. I always like to be positive. So I always say that in baseball, there’s nothing guaranteed. You can go to Philly and probably on paper look great, but we don’t know how it’s going to work out. We’re all speculating that it’s going to work out great. If you ask Philly fans, they’ll say it’s going to be great. If you ask me, I say I don’t know.”
  • Outfielder Jason Bay: “They were already, rotation-wise, pretty good without him. Now,  obviously, they’re really, really good.”
  • First baseman Ike Davis: “Their whole staff, especially the starters, are pretty amazing. It’s just going to make one more game that much tougher and really [there’s] no letdown. The whole team’s got to come ready to go.”
  • General manager Sandy Alderson: “I don’t think it affects how we plan long-term. In the short-term, really, the only impact is that now there are two other clubs that are out there looking for starting pitching today that weren’t there yesterday. So that has some impact. Otherwise we have our own plan, our own approach and this doesn’t really change things too much for us.”

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I am not happy. If you take Halliday and Lee off the Phillys then they now have the 2011 Mets projected payroll and they do not even have a Network like the Mets have. We have the same payroll as 5 years ago at Shea! What good was the new ballpark to the Fans from a payroll and winning perspective? Don’t lower ticket prices, get me a championship instead. I will be at the ballpark when we have the second highest payroll in baseball as we should. This is NEW YORK. Act like it.

Well said! The problem with the Mets wasn’t the manager or GM…it was…and is…THE OWNERS. The Wilpons run the franchise like it was the Kansas City Mets. If Fred and Jeff want to run a small market franchise let them sell the Mets and buy the Pirates. Then they can point with pride at signing a broken down Catcher off the scrap heap while division opponents sign stars. The Mets have written off 2011 and probably 2012 too. Another 70-92 season is all we have to look forward to. The Wilpons can afford more, we deserve more… and we’re going to get more…more of the same miserable losing brand of baseball. The team is a train wreck. Are the Wilpons going to spend any money and try to fix it? Don’t make me laugh. There is a reason why the Yankees are in the playoffs every year and we think playing 500 ball is a major accomplishment. The Yankees spend whatever they need to in order to put a good product on the field…we don’t.

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