Former Mets pitcher Benson retires

In case you missed it yesterday, Kris Benson has officially called it quits after nine seasons. From

“I’m done,” Benson said. “I decided pretty much after this past season that I wasn’t going to pursue anything. I’ve been putting way too much into it and not getting enough out of it, as far as the rehab, working out, training, and then not getting the type of results I expect from myself.

Perhaps best known for his wife, Anna, who once showed up to the Mets’ holiday party in a revealing Santa suit and made several back-page comments during his time in New York, Benson was 14-12 with a 4.23 ERA over parts of two seasons with the Mets. The former No. 1 overall pick of the Pirates finished his career 70-75 with a 4.42 ERA, yet another cautionary tale of a “can’t-miss” prospect who missed.

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I understand we (The Mets) are comitted to win, but we have some players that since their arrival haven’t produced their numbers. They are high priced thanks to Omar & Jerry. If these players are not producing, they should be sent back to triple A so that they can finally get their heads out of their foxhole. In the meantime get new, undamaged players. There are some free agent RP (Fuentes, Soriano)available and a power hitter (Vlad Guerrero) who is suited for Citifield.
Let’s Go Mets 2011

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