Howard Johnson still unsure of role

Howard Johnson will be back with the Mets in some capacity next season — he just doesn’t know how or when.

“They want me back,” Johnson said Tuesday evening at the Baseball Assistance Team’s annual dinner in New York. “It’s just a matter of figuring out where I fit. As of right now, nothing has been decided. We haven’t had a lot of contact because they’ve been busy with other things.”

Earlier this offseason, the Mets announced that they would not to bring Johnson back as hitting coach, replacing him with Dave Hudgens.

“That happens in baseball,” Johnson said. “You just have to deal with it. When you take
these jobs, you expect at some point that you’re not always going to
have that job. It’s part of it.”

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HoJo, I love ya, buddy. And the game can be unforgiving. Just seems like whole team was in a hitting slump. Maybe not terribly, but certainly when they needed an important hit, they failed. Just couldn’t seem to get it out of their heads. Let’s hope Hudgens has a degree in psychology, too. OBP needs to go up. K’s need to go down. And in CitiField, better to go up the middle for a single (take that pitchers head off) than try to hit the gaps or, God Forbid, shoot for the fences.

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