Complete list of non-roster invitees

Nearly every pitcher and catcher has reported to camp; the remaining few stragglers (Here’s to you, Johan Santana) should arrive Tuesday. But what interests us most here at Mets Cetera are the folks on the fringe — the players who may or may not make the team.

That said, below is a complete list of the non-roster invitees expected in camp. Generally speaking, these players have the steepest routes to roster spots, because in order to keep them, the Mets will need to cut someone else off the 40-man roster.

Boof Bonser, RHP
Blaine Boyer, RH
Tim Byrdak, LHP
Ryota Igarashi, RHP
Mike O’Connor, LHP
Tobi Stoner, RHP
Taylor Tankersley, LHP
Raul Chavez, C
Kai Gronauer, C
Dusty Ryan, C
Russ Adams, INF
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF
Willie Harris, OF
Jason Pridie, OF

Of the above players, Tankersley, Byrdak and Harris appear to have the strongest chances of making the team.

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