Cashman: Mets “abused” Feliciano

Interesting quotation today from Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, who told reporters in New York that the Mets “abused” reliever Pedro Feliciano in recent years.

That riff came two days after the Yankees placed Feliciano on the disabled list with a strained left rotator cuff.

And perhaps Feliciano was overused — he did set and break his own franchise record with 86, 88 and 92 appearances over the past three seasons. But Cashman is the one who invested two years and $8 million in the lefty, despite Feliciano’s decreased strikeout rate and greatly-increased walk rate — all at the age of 34. Citing the prohibitive cost to retain Feliciano, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson never seriously considered bringing the popular lefty back to Flushing.

Take from that what you will.

*****UPDATE, 7:12 p.m.: Here’s Yankees writer Bryan Hoch’s story from New York, complete with pitching coach Dan Warthen’s comments from Miami.

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I think celebration is in order. This looks like one of the first “correct”moves of the new Mets management. Hopefully AAA treats our young talent well and we’ll have the best young, home-grown team next year.

cashman has some nerve. no one forced him to sign feliciano. if he thought the guy was abused by the mets, why did he sign him? he loved him a couple of months ago enough to give him millions. tell cashman to shut up.

Cashman, shut up!….. grow up!

True he had 85-90 appearances but I didn’t think a 6 pitch 1/3 inning was over stressful or demanding on the million dollar arm. Maybe Cashmen is now upset that he won’t be available every night with his already shakey bullpen.

The 2k11 Moneyball will actually have money to spend next year, look out Cashmen, there a new gunslinger in town!!

Because Joe Torre never abused his relief pitchers with the Yankees? It seems like each year he’d pick a different pitcher to burn out that year, making him pitch 80+ games, and each year Cashman would have to dump that burnt out pitcher on some team that didn’t know any better.

Cashman’s just bitter that he didn’t recognize that he was a victim of exactly what he used to do to other teams.

What a gutless, classless remark from Cashman. I wish nothing but misery on him and hhis team.

That said, I don’t like that Warthan threw Feliciano under the bus when he said, “…he asked for the ball.” Come on — the responsibility lies with the Mets manger and coaching staff. We all knew that both Willie and Manual took their starters out way too early and overused their pen.

Unbelievable… Now i have no doubt… Cashman is RETARDED!

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