Which new Met excites you most?

So a 2-1 start in Miami has charged this team and its fans with some much-needed optimism. Which begs the question — which new player excites you most? (Couldn’t include everyone on the poll, since nearly half the Opening Day roster was not here in September. )

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i only picked willie harris because he was the only one i’ve sen play so far besides Emaus and I believe he’s way above Emaus in skill level for now, but Emaus is brand new and has a ton of potential. I think the most exciting new player if he can pull off a win in his first appearance will be Chris Capuano, he completely destroyed the players he pitched against in Spring Training so lets see if he can come through for us during the regular season.

I voted for Young because I am the least-not-excited about him. Let’s get real, what are we looking at on this poll…

non exciting? What kind of Met fan are you? Other then Willie Harris (who most fans know what will get out of him) Its very exciting… what we saw from Young (fourth starter) tonight against the Phills is amazing what more could we ask for, and how he through during the spring… as for Cap (fifth starter), we need follow through from his spring appearances and not his half a inning the other night, And now for Brad Emus (second basemen) he has a notable spring and won the job at second… Exciting or not its a crap shoot, these 3 guys are a HUGE piece of the puzzle, and we need them all to produce to even have a chance… and from what we have seen so far in the early season, i think for once Met fans have the right to feel glimmers of excitement and hope … LETS GO METS.

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