Where will you go, Jose Reyes?

Welcome to speculation season. Various reports Wednesday pegged San Francisco as a possible trade destination for Mets shortstop Jose Reyes — which it is. But the reigning World Series champions are hardly alone in their desire. To nab Reyes at the non-waiver Trade Deadline, a team must be both in contention and in need of a shortstop — a rare combination that eliminates two-thirds of the league at first glance.

Below is the remaining one-third, in no particular order:

Team: Giants
Current SS: Miguel Tejada

The Giants have a clear need with an anemic offense, no true leadoff hitter, and an aging and unproductive starting shortstop in Tejada. Hardly a Moneyball disciple, general manager Brian Sabean is also unlikely to fret over Reyes’ history of low on-base percentages. But if a bidding war is in the offing, the Giants may fall short — their farm system remains thin beyond top first base prospect Brandon Belt.

Team: Brewers
Current SS: Yuniesky Betancourt

The Brewers could use someone to set the table for sluggers Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. But they also have greater needs — pitching, anyone? — and if they fall out of the race in the NL Central, the small-market Brewers are liable to turn into sellers themselves.  Like the Giants, they also have a weak farm system, widely considered to be the league’s worst.

Team: Cardinals
Current SS: Ryan Theriot

Acquiring Reyes would allow the Cardinals to shift Theriot down in the lineup and over to second base, improving their team in more ways than one. But they already have four dynamic offensive players in Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman and Colby Rasmus; like the Brewers, the Cards may be more interested in shoring up their rotation.

Team: Reds
Current SS: Paul Janish

Put Reyes in Cincinnati, and the Reds suddenly become clear favorites to repeat as NL Central champions. But given their rotation struggles, they may also mirror their division rivals, the Cardinals, in prioritizing a pitcher.

Team: Dodgers
Current SS: Jamey Carroll

It’s unclear how Major League Baseball’s takeover of the Dodgers’ day-to-day operations will affect their ability to take on salary at the deadline. If the Dodgers can indeed spend, they’d be an ideal trade partner for the Mets: a big-market team with playoff aspirations, a glaring lack of middle infield punch and a strong-enough farm system.

Team: Tigers
Current SS: Jhonny Peralta

As in St. Louis, acquiring Reyes would allow the Tigers to shift their current shortstop to second base. But if former top prospect Scott Sizemore pans out in Detroit, the Tigers may be more inclined to allocate their resources elsewhere. A big outfield bat may be a more pressing concern.

Team: Angels
Current SS: Erick Aybar

As long as the Angels remain unwilling to expose young center fielder Peter Bourjos to the leadoff spot, they could use a player such as Reyes. Their need is not glaring. But Reyes could be enough to vault them past the Rangers in a crowded AL West, and the Angels possess a deep enough cache of prospects to outbid almost anyone.

Team: A’s
Current SS: Cliff Pennington

A longshot, considering the team’s perennial small payroll and general manager Billy Beane’s affinity for on-base percentage. But Reyes would still represent a major upgrade over Pennington by any measurement, and the A’s do have the ability to take on some payroll. If they’re in serious contention come July, it’s not impossible.

Team: Twins
Current SS: Alexi Casilla

It’s clear the Twins are in need of an offensive jolt, and it’s clear that Reyes would be a major upgrade over Casilla. But after adding significant payroll in recent years by signing several key players to long-term contracts, they would the Twins would be unlikely to pursue Reyes in free agency. That makes a trade for the shortstop unlikely, as well.

Team: Red Sox
Current SS: Jed Lowrie

If Lowrie continues to produce at his current clip, this may be a moot point. But the Red Sox are never shy about trading for top talent, and despite the Adrian Gonzalez trade, they still have several intriguing arms in their system. Toss their deep pockets into the equation and they could be a match.

Team: Yankees
Current SS: Derek Jeter

It doesn’t make sense. But it’s the Yankees. Don’t ever count them out, ever.

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This would be one of the worst things the Mets could do. Keeping Reyes and Wright should be #1 and #1a on the list of things the Mets need to do. Everyone else on the team is expendable, even the young pitchers. I’m all ready losing faith in this team, if they were to trade Reyes or Wright, I may lose interest all together.

We need Reyes, this is bullshit, he’s not getting traded.

As long as Jose Reyes has played for the Mets, he made the game interesting. When he came back last season after almost a year on the DL, I was probably the happiest Mets Fan. Jose Reyes is a pricey guy, but the Mets have to sign him, and get him into a long contract. I have read his interviews, he doesn’t want to go anywhere, the fans don’t want him to go anywhere, the other players don’t want him to go anywhere. He has 11 stolen bases and its only May 4th. He is batting well over .300, and has committed no errors. Jose Reyes is a core member of the New York Mets, and the Mets must realize that. I doubt Jose is going anywhere.

If Jose Reyes gets traded, the Mets aren’t going to get someone with just as much skill, let’s face it, they’re going to get someone with a lot less.

I’m sorry ppl but it’s post like these ^^ that make it hard for mets management to do the right thing- which is definitely trading Reyes (and Wright, Beltran, KRod and any other player that would net young talent in return). Sports teams are supposed to have a priority of winning championships. The way this team is currently constructed that isn’t going to happen any time soon. We obviously have financial problems that won’t allow us to sign players who will put us over the top either. So the only way this team wil ever get to a point if contention is by building from the bottom up. Has anyone ever heard of a 5 year plan? That plan should consist of young, currently inexpensive talent, mainly pitching, then speed and defense. I, for one, would be more than willing to spend the next 5 years out of the playoffs if it meant being confident in a plan that seemed likely to put us at the top at the end. How can you not realize that this team is not going to win? If we aren’t going to win now at least let it be because our talent is developing into real winners. It’s so obvious. I hope Alderson doesn’t let the peanut gallery distract him from doing the right thing.

Rich, for most people, rooting for a team is a combination of rooting for the uniform and rooting for the players. Many fans still bristle at the memory of the Seaver trade. Personally, I’d hate to see Reyes go, but if there’s one player that should be hands-off, it’s Wright. If Reyes is traded, the team should immediately negotiate an extension for Wright to reassure the fanbase.

If they trade Reyes, then MLB should step in, to void the trade. It will look like the Wilpons are trying to minimize payroll, because they got “madoffed”….. SELL THE TEAM!!!

hola jose como estas tu y tu familia recuerdos para todos y espero
que este ano sea de los mets ja ja ja pero tu eres que lo dudas.
vivelo con el tio de ny por tipicombo.com todos los sabados de 1pm a 3pm. no te lo pierda en vivo.

Actually, Farhan is absolutely right. Look at the Marlins trading away Cabrera. The talent they got back wasn’t even that great and it still paid off because they were bad enough to develop and draft high. Besides, Reyes is overrated. If you pay him 15 million a year for 7 you will regret it. As a Giants fan I hope we don’t trade a legit young prospect like Belt or Wheeler for a guy who is more focused on his own play than winning (especially with his price tag).

This comment is directed to Farhan- You are a complete idiot! Trading Wright and Reyes for younger talent? They’re in their twenties and two of the top rated players in the game. Besides the Madoff crap, the owners are hurting because their not selling tickets due to crap like this. If Reyes is traded, expect the city to revolt and be heartbroken, which will make ticket sales drop even more. And as far as the 5 year plan you mentioned, NO! WIN NOW! Post somewhere else.

My comment was directed toward RICH not Farhan. Sorry Farhan, I completely agree with you. RICH is the uneducated tool!

I agree with Rich .. Imma guy who deals with pro ball on a daily basics they have been there long enough and haven’t done anything to help make a run. They must go

The Mets NEED to trade Reyes. They are last place team going nowhere with a week farm system. Heck, Reyes is a free agent at the end of the year, you could always sign him back. But really Reyes is often injured and will be a bad investment for a long term. Trade while the value is high for young prospects and rebuild.

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Its not even clear if the Mets are going to trade Reyes. I think his desire is to stay in New York, regardless of what everyone speculates. I think his decision is going to be based on his family. A) He loves New York and B) He has a home and three young children. He seems like a dedicated family man and may actually work a deal to remain a Met.

The Mets problem has not been Wright or Reyes, it the talent around themk. Look at 2006. that team was loaded with talent and depleted with pitching. Everuyone seem to emerge at the right time. When the Mets lost Delgado in 2009, they lost their major jolt in their lineup. Ike Davis has done a great job replacing his bat. Their starting lineup is decent enough to match any other in the league. Their problem is their bench. First, the Mets need to rid themselves of Hairston and replace him with Nick Evans. Next Keep Jason Pridie and get rid of Willie Harris. Hu must go also. He can be replaced by Ruben Tejada. Their pen seems to be coming around. Their starting rotation should be evealuated in the next ten days. RA Dickey has been the most inconsistant of the starters. I think he should be skipped a start and give Dillon Gee a start. Thats the short term plan for now.

Everybody is screaming trade Reyes. Ok think of it as a business plan. You trade reyes and then what? Pagan is the only one on the Roster tht can replace him at leadoff. The only shortstop that is probably the best prospect in the Mets farm is Wilmer Flores. Hes 19 years old, maybe two years away. The plan should be top try to sigjn him, hes only 27, and when Flores is ready, and if Reyes puts up the numbers hes capable of, you trade him at a high in his career and the returns will be higher. If you trade him now, the returns will be low because eveybody knows you may not be able to sign him so you are going to get low balled. Best bet keep him, the worst you could get is a number one pick or you could resign him. Let him play out the year unless the Mets are totally out of any contention. Lets put thing in perspective. The Yankees only have 4 more wins than the Mets.

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I can understand what Rich is saying. It’s just like building up your farm system again. That’s what the Royals and Mariners are doing right now. That can be a good idea. Trading Reyes at the deadline can be good if Reyes is commanding the a large contract cause the Mets have no money for that. However, I also agree with Farhan that Reyes is part of the franchise’s face along with wright but if they can’t get Reyes to sign at a reasonable price then I think they should build up on their farm system. A unselfish player would sacrifice some of their money to help the team become better. Let’s see if Reyes does that

Farhan was 100% correct. Reyes can not be traded no matter what. I think Reyes will be happy with a contract extention, one way or another, as fans, we can’t help but think that Reyes would want more money, but look at Derek Jeter’s free agency last year. He didn’t sign the contract with THAT much more money. Jose might be the same way.

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Totally agree that Reyes and Wright are still the mets future. Any talk about trading them for prospects is ridiculous. Not sure how the future has now become part of the problem. The entire infield is home grown and should be locked in for years including Turner who can likely convert to left field and replace Jason Bay who has proven that he cannot adjust to Citifield.

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