Pelfrey recalls a near no-hitter

No, not in the Majors. But after his modest achievement of taking a no-hitter into the fourth inning against the Giants Thursday, Mike Pelfrey readily admitted what many pitchers never do: from the first inning on, he’s well aware if he has not allowed a hit.

Pelfrey was especially cognizant as a junior at Wichita State in 2005, taking a no-hitter into the ninth against Illinois State. He retired the first batter, then the second.

“Everybody was standing up, cheering, and I started thinking about it,” Pelfrey said. “I know that’s the biggest cardinal sin. So I stepped off, and I said, ‘God, if you want me to get this, let’s get it. But if not, no big deal.’

“The next pitch, the guy got a hit, so He didn’t want me to have it.”

Even before that experience, Pelfrey said, he understood the difficulty of throwing a no-hitter. So he certainly appreciates how hard it will be for him or one of his teammates to throw the first no-hitter in Mets history, now 7,837 games and counting.

“In order for that to happen, there’s so much luck that has to take place,” Pelfrey said. “The biggest thing is you’re trying to execute pitches. That’s the name of the game.”

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