Turns out you can hit it out of Citi Field

In case you missed it, check out Marlins outfielder Mike Stanton’s mammoth blast to straightaway center field last night. The website HitTrackerOnline.com, which uses a combination of atmospheric data, observed data and initial trajectory to measure the true distance of home runs, pegged it at 465 feet, the longest homer ever hit at Citi Field. (Mark Reynolds, then of the D-backs, had the previous longest shot at 462 feet.)

The Top 10 (or 11, rather), according to HitTrackerOnline:

1. Mike Stanton, FLA, 465 feet (5/16/11)
2. Mark Reynolds, ARI, 462 feet (8/1/09)
3. Ike Davis, NYM, 458 feet (7/11/10)
4. Ike Davis, NYM, 456 feet (4/21/11)
5. Ike Davis, NYM, 450 feet (4/23/10)
6. Adam Dunn, WAS, 447 feet (5/27/09)
6. David Wright, NYM, 447 feet (7/30/10)
8. Carlos Delgado, NYM, 445 feet (4/16/09)
8. Troy Tulowitzki, COL, 445 feet (7/37/09)
10. Carlos Pena, TB, 444 feet (6/29/09)
10. Ike Davis, NYM, 444 feet (6/8/10)

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