Jimmy Rollins takes shots at Reyes

The Phillies and Mets may be on different planes of existence this postseason, but that did not stop shortstop Jimmy Rollins from criticizing his counterpart, Jose Reyes, prior to a National League Division Series workout at Citizens Bank Park. Rollins critiqued Reyes’ decision to bunt for a hit and then leave Wednesday’s season finale at Citi Field to all but assure himself the NL batting title.

“I would have bunted, too,” Rollins told reporters in Philadelphia. “I probably wouldn’t have come out of the game, though.

“Me, personally, I’m going to ride it out. I would have played the whole game. That’s me, though.”

Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun made it a moot point later that night, going 0-for-4 to finish at .332, five points behind Reyes for the batting title.

Rollins also suggested that Reyes put forth more effort this season given his impending free agency at age 28. The Phillies shortstop will also become a free agent after this season, and his value on the open market will be directly linked to that of Reyes.

“In previous years, you just didn’t quite get that feeling from him, being in the other dugout,” Rollins said of Reyes giving maximum effort.  “This year you really did. It was like, ‘This man is doing everything he can.’ ”

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hey rollins i dont think you will have to worry about a batting title even though you play in that little league park.Jose would hit 375 and have 25 homeruns there jimmymetswest

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