Misch, O’Connor declare free agency

Mets left-handers Pat Misch and Mike O’Connor have officially declared Minor League free agency. Misch and O’Connor, each of whom spent time on the active roster this season, were eligible for free agency due to having six years of Minor League service time and not being on the team’s 40-man roster.

Misch, 30, posted a 10.29 ERA over six appearances with the Mets in April and May. O’Connor, who competed in spring for the lefty specialist job that ultimately went to Tim Byrdak, posted a 2.70 ERA in nine games.

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Can we get Parnell to join them…

Package the three P’s,Parnell, Pelfrey and Pagan and see what we can get. Also, there are other throw in’s on this team.


Why is this even news? WHO CARES!!

then why r u even reading
if it bothers you

mets better be hunting for 2 starting picthers, one closer and a good clean-up hitter and don’t trade angel pagan!

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