Reyes’ contract details with Miami

Wondering just how sweet Florida’s offer was to Jose Reyes? Below are the full details of his new deal, including bonuses:

Salary breakdown:

2012: $10 million
2013: $10 million
2014: $16 million
2015: $22 million
2016: $22 million
2017: $22 million

2018:  $22 million club option or $4 million buyout.

Total value: $106 million, or $124 million if seventh-year option is exercised.


MVP: $500,000
World Series MVP: $1 million
LCS MVP: $250,000
Silver Slugger: $100,000
All-Star selection: $50,000
Gold Glove: $50,000


  • Reyes will donate $176,666 per year to charity.
  • He will receive a personal suite both on the road and at home.

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Another back-loaded contract from the Marlins — they did this with Carlos Delgado in 1995 and then traded him to the Mets after the first year …. there is no way that the Marlins will maintain high attendance levels at the new ballpark and when the fans flee, I wonder who will be paying those back-end years ….

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