Report from Port St. Lucie, 2/21

The big news today was something routine, that Johan Santana threw another 30 pitches on his road back from left anterior capsule surgery. That came about an hour after Terry Collins reiterated that he expects Santana to be ready for Opening Day.

Or, if you prefer not to read those 1,000 words (actually 800 or so), here’s a picture:

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There’s no qotseiun that Santana is not the same pitcher he once was. But he is still pitching VERY effectively and being able to throw a lot of innings. Would one rather be on the hook for $45-50 million (assuming the Mets pick up a third which they probably will have to) for 3 years or take CC at $140-160 million over 6-7 years? I would personally rather have Santana if the decision were being made in a bubble with no other considerations.Much of how I feel about CC and his opt out (regardless of Santana) will depend on how their prospects progress and how well Burnett bounces back and Hughes development.[]David K. Reply:March 2nd, 2011 at 1:54 pmBut keep in mind that Liriano might be obtainable from the Twins. Might as well pass on Santana and give an extra prospect to get Liriano. You know the Twins will trade Liriano either this year or next. It’s beginning to sound like they really want to get rid of him this year. I’d much rather take a chance on Liriano than Santana at this point. Santana’s best days are definitely behind him. His velocity has declined a lot from his salad days in Minn. Although he might end up having a decent year again, the shoulder surgery is a huge qotseiun mark. You’d have to see almost a half season to be sure he’s o.k.[]

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