Mets release early pitching lineup

The Mets released their pitching rotation today for the first few days of live games. Note that while all of the pitchers listed below will throw, not all are guaranteed to pitch in the games. If the Mets run out of innings, the leftover pitchers will throw on the side.

Friday, March 2 – Intrasquad game
1. Dillon Gee
2. Matt Harvey
3. Jeurys Familia
4. Miguel Batista
5. Daniel Herrera
6. Tim Byrdak
7. Jeremy Hefner
8. Frank Francisco

Saturday, March 3 – Intrasquad game
1. R.A. Dickey
2. Chris Schwinden
3. Pedro Beato
4. Josh Stinson
5. D.J. Carrasco
6. Fernando Cabrera
7. Armando Rodriguez
8. Robert Carson

Sunday, March 4 – Intrasquad game
1. Mike Pelfrey
2. Jon Niese
3. Ramon Ramirez
4. Jon Rauch
5. Manny Acosta
6. Bobby Parnell
7. Chuck James
8. Garrett Olson

Monday, March 5 – vs. Nationals
1. Dillon Gee
2. Matt Harvey
3. Miguel Batista
4. Daniel Herrera
5. Tim Byrdak
6. Frank Francisco

Tuesday, March 6 – vs. Cardinals (ss)
1. Johan Santana
2. R.A. Dickey
3. Pedro Beato

Tuesday, March 6 – @ Astros (ss)
1. Jeurys Familia
2. Jeremy Hefner
6. Josh Stinson

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