David Wright on MLB Network

MLB Network’s Alanna Rizzo recently sat down with David Wright, in a spot that debuted today on “The Rundown” and “MLB Tonight.” In case you missed it, here are a few excerpted questions from the interview:

Wright on if he will be with the Mets two years from now:

“That’s a great question. I hope…I’d love to get this thing turned around and headed in the right direction and I think we’ve done that, taking that first step.  Hopefully, I’m a big part of that.”

Wright on being the longest-tenured Met:

“Well, it’s funny because we have team pictures in the clubhouse and you gotta go year from year and we were looking back on the 2006 team that won the NL East and we were searching, searching, searching and there was a lot of faces that aren’t here anymore.”

Wright on if his Postseason experience from 2006 drives him to want to get back there:

“It’s addicting. The atmosphere here was incredible … Running out on the field for the first time, looking up in the upper deck at Shea and literally seeing it rock, I was like, ‘Man, this is [it], doesn’t get any better than this.’  I kind of took it for granted. But it continues to push you and motivate you and drive you.”

Wright on playing in New York:

“New York wants winners. I see how these fans react to Gary Carter when he would come to Shea. That’s what I want my legacy to be is this guy was a winning player, he did everything he could to help his team win.”

Wright on his relationship with Gary Carter:

“It’s incredible. From day one when I was drafted, I was an 18-year old high school kid coming into the Spring Training complex and before you know it, you’re shaking the hands of Gary Carter and you’re almost in awe, you’re star struck. You have a Hall of Famer and a World Series champion that’s helping an 18-year old, teach[ing] him out to be a leader.”

“Up until he passed, he would call once-a-month, twice-a-month and just want to talk baseball. I’d ask him how he was feeling and he [would say], ‘Enough about me, how’s the team doing?  What’s it like in the clubhouse?  How these young guys doing?’ Just the energy in his voice, talking about the game will be my lasting memory.”

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Had to share this yesterday, the day of the Mets first no hitter in history I was putting together a memorial for Gary carter. As I was hanging his jesey, photo, placing a tribute ball by backman I stopped and thought Gary lead us to something special this year. This team plays with heart like you did. After the sixth I didnt move, thinking of Gary and what might be unfolding in front of my eyes. Every year no matter how good or bad I watch, when living out of market I watched. People asked why my reply was I want to see the first no no when it happens. Congrats to Johan and the mets. After the game one guy ran on the field before being restrained I had to do a doubletake as I saw Carters Jersey… Line score for the Mets 8runs,8 hits……SIMPLY MAGIC!

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