Phillies’ Ruiz talks Dickey, knuckleballs

With the news that R.A. Dickey will not start Tuesday’s All-Star Game in Kansas City came the revelation that Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz will be Dickey’s batterymate when he finally does enter. Here are Ruiz’s thoughts on baseball’s most enigmatic pitch:

Thoughts on catching the knuckleball?
“I don’t think I’ll have trouble. I can handle that. We are going to play long toss today and see how it moves. But I don’t think it’s going be a problem.”

Have you ever caught a knuckleballer before?
“I did in Triple-A. A kid named [Jared] Fernandez. … I remember a little bit.”

Have you talked to Dickey about it?
“Yeah, we talked on the bus. He said he has his own glove. I’m going to see it today.”

Can it give you an advantage the next time you face him?
“No man, he’s tough. If you’re catching, it’s okay. But if you hit, it’s the same thing. That ball is moving so much.”

Would you rather catch or it hit?
“Catch it. He has a good knuckleball. It moves a lot.”

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