Wright closing in on franchise hits mark

Six hits shy of matching Ed Kranepool’s all-time franchise hits record, David Wright spoke Wednesday about what it will mean to pass Kranepool:

“I hope I get there,” Wright said. “It’s been a grind lately. But it’s something I’m really, really proud about. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it much more when I’m done playing and can kind of look back. But as of now, it’s difficult to sit back and truly enjoy it or pat yourself on the back because of the position we’ve put ourselves in in the second half. But obviously it’s humbling and very exciting to be able to break some of these team records. I’m very proud of that.”

Asked about his relationship with Kranepool, Wright said: “He’s out here somewhat frequently so I get a chance to talk to him. It’s nice, some of these players that come back, including Ed, to get to know and understand the history of the organization. He always has really nice things to say to me. He’s always very encouraging. Obviously that’s nice when some of these former players come back and are as helpful and encouraging as Ed is.”

Here’s where Wright ranks all-time on several of the team’s major offensive lists:

1. Ed Kranepool, 1,418
2. David Wright, 1,4,12

Home runs
1. Darryl Strawberry, 252
2. Mike Piazza, 220
3. David Wright, 200

1. David Wright, 806
2. Darryl Strawberry, 733

1. David Wright, 782
2. Jose Reyes, 735

1. David Wright, 321
2. Ed Kranepool, 225

1. Ed Kranepool, 5,436
2. David Wright, 4,690

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