What should the Mets do with R.A. Dickey?

R.A. Dickey is under contract for one more season at $5 million, after which he can become a free agent. The Mets are currently negotiating a contract extension with Dickey that could take him through his age-40 season. They are also weighing trade offers from other clubs, ideally trying to add an impact power hitter to their lineup.

Opinions vary on what to do with Dickey. So what would you do?

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I say extend him, but I’m also a big fan of his – who dressed up as him for Halloween – and of knuckleballers in general, so my sentiments should clearly be taken with a grain of salt. I understand the arguments in favour of trading Dickey (his age, his relatively newfound status as a marquee player that may fade with a season or two and limit what the Mets would be able to get for him in a trade), but despite my bias I still believe that even if he doesn’t have another 20-win season in 2013 or 2014, he’s got some great baseball in him, and I’d like it to be Mets baseball. It’s hard to think of 2012 as a fluke, especially after a solid 2011, and so if the Mets were to trade him, I’m not sure they could replace the value he brings to the lineup. Sure, with a Cy Young they could maybe get an impact hitter, but would they be able to close the gap in the rotation? Would the extra runs a hitter might bring adequately compensate for the wins they could likely lose with him gone? This year, he got over a quarter of the team’s wins, so I’m doubtful, but I’m also biased.

At the same time, he IS almost 40. Maybe exercising the option on him is the best conservative choice; the $5 million 2013 option is an absolute steal, and if he still performs, they could still potentially get a good value for him in a trade next year. But hey, I’m a fan of the guy, and I’d just love to see him in a Mets jersey for even one more year if at all possible, if not more.

R.A. Dickey is the finest example of everything that you want in a ballplayer: team leader by example, warrior, intelligent, no quit, all out effort, all around great athlete, mentor to younger ball verbally and visually on the field. Humanitarian to all especially children. Alderson and the Wilpons will make the greatest mistake in trading him. Myself and my frriends that are life long Met fans since Casey and ready to walk away from the team (under the present amateur management). This will make fans forget the Nolan Ryan – Jim Fregosi trade debacle. R.A. is living proof of REDEMPTION, Mark Stevens

quit R.A. Dicking around and sign him. His accomplishments were the only exciting thing about the Mets this year. He is one of the few humble down to earth players in the league and he brings fans to the park.

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