Jason Bay on time in New York: “I learned a lot about myself”

Jason Bay met the media in Seattle Tuesday and had some interesting things to say about his time in New York. Among them:

Could you describe your time with the Mets?
“It was tough, obviously. I’m not going to say it wasn’t. But I learned a lot about myself as a person and a player. I tried to be the same guy, the same dad, the same husband. It’s not always easy. I tried to be the same teammate and that speaks volumes. Can’t say I was every single day, but the positive is it was a learning experience.

Anybody can be a good guy when everything is going great. When it’s not, you learn a lot about yourself. You can go one of two directions. I was proud of myself that I stood up and owned it. I didn’t point fingers. I just put my head down and kept going and ended up here.”


Does this seem like a fresh start for you in Seattle?

“That’s basically what it was. When I got let go, wherever I ended up was going to be a fresh start. The chance to do it here in my backyard is nice. That’s all I was looking for. It didn’t work out for whatever reason. There was kind of a mutual split, just, ‘Hey, it’s not working. I want to start fresh, start the slate clean and that’s what I get to do here.”

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Clean slate, except for he still gets to cash a check from the Mets for 18million bucks and didnt earn half of that over this Mets career. but i’m sure he’s a good guy.

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