Poll: Do you like the Dickey trade?

The Mets have reportedly agreed on a deal to send R.A. Dickey, Josh Thole and a prospect to the Blue Jays for Travis d’Arnaud, John Buck, Noah Syndergaard and a prospect. The New York Post was first to report the terms.

Dickey and the Jays have two days negotiating an extension, according to FOXSports.com, after which the deal will go through . Until then, it’s worth asking the question: Mets fans, do you like it?

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this trade will go down in history. d’arnaud and snydergaard are going to be studs

trade Dickey, trade Tom Seaver, trade David Cone, the Mets ownership past and present look like the stupid stubbornness of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. The Mets are in financial trouble and the nation is as well due to greed and stupidity. Looks like I will probably be following the Nationals this year.

I agree with you entirely. Without Dickey last year, the second half was unbearable. Next year will be worse. I hope Dickey succeeds in Toronto. He’s too classy for this organization anyway.

I agree. R we supposed to feel sorry for the financial problems of the owners? If u can’t afford to own the team. Sell it.
This is NYC “The wait a few years while we plan for the future ” doesn’t fly here. We r not Kansas City or Pittsburg. We don’t tolerate the stay loyal while we go for another 4th place finish thing.

You forgot Nolan Ryan lol but yeah uhmn you are not putting Dickey in that class of pitcher. Dickey is good but too much of a B!&$+ To represent a Ny team.

Please give a one year contract to Adam laroach as 1B Carlos lee OF for left or right field and Carlos zambrono RHP

The Mets organization is the stupidest in baseball. 3 unproven nobody’s for Dickey is another one of their numerous blunders. A catcher with a bad knee? Unbelievable. Dickey was the only reason to watch them last year. What morons. I’ve been a fan all my life and I will not go to another Mets game.

The prospects may / may not turn out. If ONE of them becomes a solid player, it may be a good deal. What I don’t get is our new starting catcher of 2013 John Buck. Did I read that he hit .195 last year with 6 home runs?

Yeah, Buck isn’t the greatest. He’ll be there for the first month or so till we get d’Arnaud into the majors. Then Buck will be a subpar backup, but what do you want out of a backup catcher? Can’t be much worse than Nickeas.
I’m also relieved he’s on our team because I distinctly remember him being somewhat of a Met killer – opening day 2 years ago, for one.

Anyone above renouncing their fandom: Good. You were a bad fan. We don’t want people like you representing fans of the New York Metropolitans. Am I disappointed we traded Dickey? Yes. He was one of my favorites ever to root for, in any sport. Do I think this trade is for the best regardless? Yes. I think this trade is good and will benefit us. The prospects could always bust or not live up. So could Dickey (though I doubt it and I hope not in both cases).
Either way, I will support this team no matter what because I am a fan of this team. If you disagree with the trade are not happy, that is fine, you are entitled to your opinion and I understand your frustration. I am frustrated too that we are losing such a classy guy on a well-calculated gamble. But to renounce your fandom? That is unacceptable. I don’t want to be associated with “fans” who would be so disloyal to their team.

This trade will pay off in the long run and the short run to a minor, but noticeable, degree. Dickey was expendable once he put himself before the team with his little “Christmas party episode”; it was bound to happen since he couldn’t really control his unsatiable desire for attention. Dickey is a Tebow waiting to happen and if he ever “feeds the multitude” watch out. *Jesus reference notwithstanding, Dickey is not, thankfully, a face of the New York Mets for the future. D’Arnaud will really contribute next season and should win ROY.

Baseball is about more than talent. A team cannot win without leaders. Dickey was the type of ballplayer to lift the rest of the team. Losing him will cost the Mets more than the 20 games he won.

I equate this to the Cubs allowing Maddox to get away.

Fan since watching the ’69 series, but I may have had enough of the Wilpons. Not just their bad baseball deals, but their associations with nefarious banking types.

Listen to you So-Called Fans, I’ll Bet Money that you were all laughing and saying what the Bleep is Omar doing when he signed RA 3 yrs Ago!!! And now we got some 3 Prospects and a Back-Up Catcher who hit more HR’s then EVERY CATCHER WE HAVE FROM A-BALL TO THE MAJORS!! as much as I like RA he had a Career Year and will NEVER COME CLOSE TO A 20 WIN SEASON AGAIN, THANK YOU SANDY FOR THIS DEAL AND GETTING WHEELER For Beltran!!!!!

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