Meet Zack Wheeler, and other scenes from live BP

After facing Zack Wheeler during live batting practice today, Justin Turner and John Buck both made Stephen Strasburg comparisons due to the late life on Wheeler’s fastball. That’s high praise for a pitcher who was cut from a dozen or so travel teams in his youth, rebounding to become one of the top prospects in all of baseball.

Here’s Wheeler during his live BP session today:


And here’s the group of teammates that gathered to watch:


A reminder that you can check out other scenes from spring training on Instagram.

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Even when he was young, Zack knew how to pitch. Maybe being a late bloomer helped him because before he could blow people away, he had to think about pitching. Between his brothers and Father, he was surrounded by baseball knowledge. This kid, barring injury, is the real deal. He’s got it right upstairs and he’s got the stuff to back it up. I predict by June he’ll be with the big club and will eventually be in running for rookie of the year.

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