Who should come out of the rotation when Zack Wheeler arrives?

No one seems to want to come out of the rotation, with Dillon Gee and Jeremy Hefner both pitching well of late. Obviously Matt Harvey and Jon Niese are here to stay, and the Mets have four million reasons to keep Shaun Marcum in the rotation as well.

What would you do?

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These things usually sort themselves out …. I would not normally pick this, but if it does not sort itself out naturally, I would go wit a 6-man rotation since they will be limiting Wheeler’s innings anyway and it gives Harvey an extra day …. 2013 is a train wreck anyway, so why not get the young guys experience without over taxing their arms.

Marcum should continue to pitch so that they have a shot at unloading him at the deadline,

Gee should continue to pitch so that he builds arm strength after his 2012 surgery.

Hefner should continue to pitch since he has been very good since he’s been pitching consistently.

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