Are you glad the Mets did not trade Marlon Byrd?

Trading Marlon Byrd would have allowed the Mets to receive something — anything — in return for a player who is probably not going to be on the team next season. Keeping him allows the Mets (in theory, at least) to remain more competitive down the stretch, despite extremely slim playoff chances.

So are you glad the Mets kept Byrd, or would you rather have seen the team deal him for something?

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Never mind. We need to back up the truck!

The 2013 Marlon Byrd (and maybe the 2014 as well) has a good deal of value and should not be given away and traded for a minor addition. He probably warrants at least a major league caliber younger outfielder who is not currently posting Byrd-like power numbers. Short of that, the Mets were smart to keep him as we are still likely going to be short in the outfield next season and it might make sense to re-sign him. We could always trade him later on.

Ha ha…..Sad to say and point out that this was an amazingly uninformed if not inept posting by the blogmastyer here.
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This trade may pay dividends in 2015 + but from what I have gathered through
the reports is that Herrera strikes out too much and is at least 2 years away
from becoming a major leauger if he actually improves sufficiently. So, to me
the trade seems a weak return on the most productive player in the Mets lineup
even if Byrd seemed to be getting tired from overuse recently.

Money was not really an issue, given Byrd’s low salary, except he would have
gotten significantly more in 2014 and the Mets obviously were anxious to let him
go before that issue came front and center. Still, this was all they could get?
The 11th best rated prospect in the Pirate’s organization?

Frankly, the only possible positive benefit, if there is one, is that Byrd’s
departure will give another Met minor leaguer a chance to play more while they
evaluate the entire team. Which leads me to this. . .My personal evaluations of
several key Mets players.

1B: Ike is too screwed up to be a serious home run threat. I will amend this
only if Ike hits 8-10 home runs during the remaining games and does not strike
out repeatedly on the low breaking curve ball. If he is going to turn it around,
he will have to decide to swing at the first good fastball he sees rather than
trying to get into positive pitch counts that has become the Mets basic hitting
philosophy. That works for some players but not for all players. Not for Ike.
When he gets behind in the count he is a near automatic out.

1B(A) Josh Satin has dis a servicable player with a decent eye who lacks
power and running speed and because of his lack of power he really has limited
value as a platoon first baseman on a true major league-contending club.

1B (C) Lucas Duda has some power and fair plate discipline, but is a low
percentage hitter, very slow afoot and is not a plus fielder at his natural
position and a big minus when they stick him in the outfield.

2B: I greatly respect the work Daniel Murphy has put in to become a
respectable second baseman. He also is a plus hitter for a middle infielder
although he has seemed tured in recent weerks and could use more days off as his
more freqiuent strikeouts and depressed batting average strongly suggest. While
many think that second base needs an upgrade. I do not—unless Wilber Flores
proves that he can hit as well as Murphy – – in the major leagues . If Murphy
were to be traded – – -to the American League – -or let go for salary issues, he
might benefit with the designated hitter option, but if the Mets blow him off or
trade him, they could be weakening the position more than they realize.

SS: Ruben Tejada at AAA Vegas right now and deservedly so, given the way he
took for granted so much coming into this season and regressed noticeably from a
very good year and a half establishing himself as the successor to Jose Reyes,
still has the potntial to be a solid SS with decent hitting capability,PROVIDED
he respects the opportunity and works his butt off when the opportunity presents
itself, perhaps in September. What a disappointment he was this spring!

SS(b) Quintanilla is a back up player who holds his own when given the
chance, as he has shown this year. But he is not an everyday shortsop on a major
league contending team.

3B: A healthy David Wright is a solid pro in every category.

Take care of yourself, David. Do the full rehab and respect the aches and
pains you will be experiencing in future seasons. Who knows, you might actually
find yourself enarioat scat 1B to save the wear and tear, leaving Flores at 3B
and Murphy at 2B, should no major improvement come at 1B. In that scenario, the
Mets could spend some to upgrade the power in the outfield.

C: The rooke Travis “d’A(spelling?) looks good behind the plate and working with
the pitching staff. Those are big plusses for a young catcher. Big plusses. .
.But, Travis stands too far away from the plate and hits way too many ground
balls as if he has a defect in his approach and swing. He deserves some time
however, but he also needs expert, insightful coaching and a lot of purposeful
batting practice.

(Thanks Mr. Buck for carrying your weight so well through the season, even
with your lower batting average and lower home run production since early May.
You did a good job and were overworked. And, Congratulations on your newborn,
good luck down the road.)

OUTFIELD: LAGARES looks like a genuine glold glover in CF, but he needs to
improve his hitting a bit to

be a major plus. Still ihe seems a keeper who can play at the major league
level. . .YOUNG Jr. is a good outfielder with leadoff speed and minimal power
who could benefit from spot play if the other outfielders on the squad next
season have legit power. . .BROWN is hard to guage but does have some pop and
might be valuable off the bench. the same for utility player Justin Turner,

While most of the comments to this trade are negative and deservedly so, who will come up from the minors in September to make a positive
impression? That is the key question now and if the Wipons sit on their bank accounts snd fail to go after legit free agents who can help bring offense to the team, .they will sirely lose the fan base more than they ever dreamed.

Yes, the pitchers.still are bright spot for this team and that remains true even with Harvey’s injury which I wrote about
Monday evening. . .While I do not profess to have all the answers, I believe in what my baseball experience tells me and what my eyes can see. . .I will go through the pitchers on staff in a few days here. . . I actually have a life to live. and a book project I
am trying to get off the ground on

Steve Davidowitz/Editor; columnist for

Can we take down this post already? It’s embarrassing at this point.

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