On the Matt Harvey injury era: “I’m certain we’re going to look back on what we did here in 2012, 2013 … and think it was really primitive.”


Orthopedist Dr. James Andrews, courtesy andrewscenters.com.

Check out this piece from colleague Anthony Castrovince on the present and future of arm injuries, diagnoses and repairs. The title quote to this post is from Dr. Marcus Elliott, a Harvard-trained physician serving in Seattle as the first-ever director of sports science and performance for a Major League team.

Elliott’s take is that while modern science has progressed markedly in the areas of injury diagnosis and repair, teams do not yet understand what pitchers must do with their mechanics to avoid injuries altogether.

“There are reasons guys end up tearing their ulnar collateral ligament or end up with repetitive trauma to a rotator cuff,” Elliott said. “There are mechanical explanations for all these things. And we haven’t spent a whole lot of time trying to understand what those reasons are.”

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