Mets sign outfielder Chris Young

The Mets began addressing their outfield vacancies on Friday morning, signing Chris Young to a one-year contract pending a physical, according to two sources with knowledge of the negotiations. The Mets have not commented on the signing because it is not yet official.

Young, 30, hit .200 with 12 home runs and 10 stolen bases last season, his first in Oakland after seven years with the D-backs. His best year came in 2010, when he hit .257 with 27 home runs and 28 steals, making his only All-Star appearance.

Though Young has played mostly center field throughout his career, he also played 26 games in right field last season and 24 games in left. If the Mets choose to keep Juan Lagares in center in 2014, they could plug Young into either corner.

–Anthony DiComo


hope he has something left

Just what we need, another .200 hitter on the downslide who is getting acquired for his supposedly power hitting which will vanish in this (Citifield) non friendly power hitting park.

I agree with Andy, another .200 avg., I’m a mets fan from day one & I’m getting to the point now that I can’t believe anything this ownership says anymore. If they don’t do more to improve this club then I’ll stop going to the games & save my money. This is the new york area not some Midwest town, if the ownership can’t afford to run this team then sell it. I’m not telling them to spend $150,000 / 200,000 million but they need to get with the changing times or get out.

Have sny pay real value for mets games. The ny ag should investigate

Buenos días, definitivamente que el GM Alderson tiene a nosotros los fanaticos engañados, puro cortejo a los peces grandes y siempre queda resagado en las negociaciones, ejemplo ya le los St. Luis le robaron el mandado con J Peralta, asi mismo va con Choo y Elsbury, puro amago y siempre queda en nada, entonces no sabe por que el equipo no gana mas de 90 juegos. Si no va a gastar entonces no este amenazando que va hacer y hacer y queda en lo mismo, empieza a dar puros contratos de ligas menores, que va señores asi no vamos para ningun lado.

Good morning, definitely the GM Alderson has us the fans cheated, pure courting the big fish and always shall be resagado in negotiations, such as will the Luis St. stole the groceries with J Peralta, also same goes with Choo and Elsbury, pure hint and always comes to nothing, then know that the team does not win more than 90 games. If you then do not spend this threatening is going to do and do and is the same, begins to pure minor league contracts, so that gentlemen will not we go anywhere.

I want to know why?
Why would the Mets sign a player who really will not help you,
he is no better than any of the young guys they had last year and will make way to much money. If you are going to get a player make it someone that will actually help you.

It’s amazing how the GM Alderson still falls into that pure signing minor league contracts do not need to carry anywhere and now wants Setera Galarraga, who barbarian, he does not say better than the club does not have the money to spend this season and ready, and not be cheating the fans, who will do and that is going to sign, I would not be in the places to which I tie David Whrigt 138 million for the team and does not even think about competing in 2014 I encourage that David will be playing, if the entire load is on the left, still can not believe it. And says he wants to Nelson Cruz and Curtis, but if you’re not spending no longer dreaming, wants to win or not?

Es impresionante como el GM Alderson todavia no cae en cuenta que firmando puros contratos de ligas menores no los va a llevar a ningun lado ahora quiere Setera y Galarraga, que barbaro, por que no dice mejor que el club no tiene el dinero para gastar esta temporada y listo, y no estar engañando a los fans, que va hacer y que va a firmar, no quisiera estar en el luga de David Whrigt que se amarro por 138 millones y el equipo no tiene ni siquiera pensar en competir en el 2014, con que animo estara jugando David, si toda la carga se la dejaron a el, todavia no lo puedo creer. Y dice que quiere a Nelson Cruz y a Curtis, pero si no vas a gastar deje de estar soñando, quiere ganar o no??

Please sign anybody from Auburn!!! Can you believe the luck. 2 fantastic finishes. Mets need that kind of luck!!

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