Mets’ Opening Day lineup? Forever Young is in their mind

After the Mets inked Curtis Granderson to a four-year, $60-million deal, the popular thinking was that the signing would push Eric Young, Jr. to the bench, giving the Mets an outfield of (from left to right) Granderson, Juan Lagares and Chris Young. Yet one Mets official cautioned Monday that that might not be the case. The Mets were enamored with what Eric Young, Jr. gave them last season, and want his bat in the lineup in some capacity.

If the Mets trade Daniel Murphy, they could achieve that by sliding Young into the starting second base role. Short of that, and assuming the Mets trade Ike Davis instead of Lucas Duda, their Opening Day lineup could look something like this:

Eric Young, Jr., LF
Daniel Murphy, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Curtis Granderson, RF
Chris Young, CF
Lucas Duda, 1B
Travis d’Arnaud, C
Ruben Tejada, SS
Jon Niese, LHP

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They do realize that EY Jr’s “bat” is not an asset at all, right? He has a low OBP (making him ill-suited to the leadoff spot) and no power. Yes, he provides value as a baserunner, but as the old adage says, you can’t steal first.


Lagares is the CF. Eric young will not be a starting OF but he may be starting 2B if Murphy is traded.

Great idea! Bench Lagares and retard his development to play a hack with a .200 avg who’ll strike out 180 times next year and is here only on a one year deal. Of course we cant count on Collins actually playing a young player anyway

My logical way of thinking told me that the mets will go after a mega star some one whom will have change the makeup of the lineup but it all seen as alway picking less over from other team thanks for nothing Mr Anderson and Mr Who owner of the Mets

just put young at second murph at first and lets play with three centerfielders

Why didn’t the Mets pursue Pedro Ciracao (spelling?) who is now on the Royals roster? He seemed to have some good upside potential but was never considered a major player.

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