Wright: “I am so glad that we didn’t sell low on Ike”

Mets third baseman David Wright appeared Wednesday on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio. Here’s a partial transcript of his interview, which you can listen to in full here.

Host Adam Schein: What does Curtis Granderson bring to the table in your opinion for the Mets?”

David Wright: “New York is a difficult place to kind of prioritize and put away distractions and go out there and focus on the game and I think Curtis has done that, along with having a couple 40 home run seasons. Not too shabby. And just being around him on a personal level, he is going to make us better for what he brings into the clubhouse, especially with a lot of the Derek Jeter types from the Yankees, that he has gotten a chance to watch and the way they carry themselves and bringing that kind of quiet confidence over to Queens, I think, is going to help us out big time. The numbers speak for themselves what he does on the field but I think what he brings to the clubhouse is equally important.”

Schein: “What are the expectations for Ike Davis this year and maybe as a team leader, how do you help Ike Davis for this upcoming season?”

Wright: “You know what, I am so glad that we didn’t sell low on Ike. I think that this is a year away from him having one of the best halfs of baseball that I have ever seen. A guy that has hit 30 home runs, is a run producer. The biggest thing with Ike in my opinion is the confidence. He has had a couple of years where he has gotten off to horrific starts, he starts beating himself up, he starts spending hours in the cage trying to tamper with things that he probably shouldn’t mess with.

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