Is Juan Lagares about to fall back to earth?

If you’re into sabermetrics, I highly recommend this Fangraphs deep dive into Juan Lagares’ advanced defensive metrics. The takeaway? Lagares is unlikely to even approach his 2013 numbers in 2014, but he’ll still probably be a better overall player than Eric Young, Jr.

Writes author Jeff Sullivan:

“There’s no question that Lagares is highly talented in the outfield, and that no amount of regression can make him look anything but skilled. But with Lagares in particular, the situation’s a little different, and the numbers have to be treated a little differently. … Applying regression makes Lagares’ numbers a lot more realistic. … You can begin to understand why the Mets aren’t just going to hand him a regular job. His 2013 WAR is misleading.”

You can read the full analysis here.

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