Director’s cut: profiling New Jersey’s own Anthony Seratelli

If you haven’t already, please read my profile of Anthony Seratelli, the Old Bridge, N.J. and Seton Hall product trying to become a 31-year-old rookie. Below is the tribute video he made for Russell Seratelli that I referenced in the story, as well as some additional and extended reflections on Anthony Seratelli that didn’t make it into the piece:

Former Royals teammate Will Smith on Seratelli:

“He’s the kind of guy who might have been, I [hesitate] to say ‘pushed back’ because of his age. But you wouldn’t believe this guy is 30. From a player’s side, as a teammate, he plays like he’s 20 years old. He’s an awesome guy, great teammate. He plays hard. He plays the right way. He does everything right. Fun to hang out with. Good sense of humor.”

“[When his dad died], that’s when we all kind of came together around him. That’s what we thought our job was at that time. We were his teammates, and we were there to pick him up. He still wears his dad’s ring around his neck.”

Sister Danyel Ross on the Seratelli family:

“Every Sunday, we always had dinner with the family. We played cards — a lot of cards, a lot of gambling. Basically Anthony would teach us games he would play in the locker room with the guys. ‘Thirteen’ was a big one. ‘Screw Your Neighbor’ I think was another. We played a lot of Mario Kart too, me, Anthony and my dad. Anthony can’t beat me. Ever. I’m like the reigning champ.”

Anthony Seratelli on his own future producing videos:

“I’d love to make a movie, but it might be a who-you-know type field. If I don’t know anyone in Hollywood, I don’t know if I can get into Hollywood. I know people in MLB Productions, maybe I can get in there. I’ve got to finish this up and see where it takes me first, and keep my contacts. And when that happens, I’ll feel it out and see what I like doing the best.”

You can see Seratelli’s video archives at his web site,

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This young man is the real thing

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