Wright candid on Mets’ offensive potential

I spoke to David Wright recently for a Mets.com season preview, which you can read here. After asking Wright about the young pitching in camp, I posed a question about the club’s offensive potential. I found his response rather candid and interesting:


“The offensive side’s tough because we haven’t really all been in the lineup at the same time, whether it’s injuries or position battles or whatever’s going on,” Wright said. “But I like what I see so far. I think the offense is usually a little behind the pitching in Spring Training, but I like the fact that we — knock on wood, made it through for the most part healthy, and we’re going to have our horses in the lineup come Opening Day.

“We’re going to need guys to go out there and do what they’re capable of doing. We’re not going to be able to achieve our goals with guys having par or sub-par years. We’re not that good offensively. We have the opportunity to really lean on our pitching and be a good offensive team — good enough to win — but we’re not built to necessarily go out there and out-slug teams and win a lot of games 12-10 or 15-12. We’re going to really need to lean on the pitching, and the offense is going to have to do what we’re supposed to do.

“I don’t think there’s any team out there that can say we can go out there and just be par and expect to accomplish the goals we set out to do. That’s not a knock against our offense, it’s just that this is the way the team is built — it’s built on great pitching. We have a good offense, but like I said, we can’t go out there and out-slug teams on a nightly basis, whereas other teams are better-equipped to do that.

“We’re going to need to play good defense. We’re going to need to get good pitching. We’re going to need to steal some bases. We’re going to need to kind of play some small-ball and be a good situational-hitting team, rather than the way some teams are built where you can sit back and play for a couple three-run home runs. We’re not necessarily built that way and the park we play in isn’t really built to do that. So our offensive philosophy has to be a little different than some other teams that maybe play in some smaller ballparks or that have big-time home run threats up and down their lineup.”

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