Nationals 8, Mets 2: Three Up, Three Down

A three-game sweep at the hands of the Nats is how this season begins.


Three Up
1. Curtis Granderson: Snapping an 0-for-9 start with a two-double game, Granderson began to make good on the Mets’ $60-million investment. That was much more what the Mets envisioned when they doled out that contract.

2. Gonzalez Germen: Good for Germen, who has retired nine straight after that rough start to his season Wednesday night. Perhaps he will emerge as a (rare) trustworthy bullpen arm for Terry Collins.

3. Juan Lagares: 1-for-3 with a double and a sacrifice fly? That’s paltry by Lagares’ newly-enhanced standards. His defense has also been as pristine as expected, though Lagares has not yet faced any great challenges there.

Three Down
1. Eric Young, Jr.: The Mets’ problems begin at the top. In two games as the leadoff man, Young is now 0-for-9 with three strikeouts. “You can’t steal first,” goes the old adage.

2. Daniel Murphy: Give Murphy credit for his hit and leadoff walk, but subtract more than that for his two defensive errors. Considering all the other flaws on their roster, the Mets need Murphy — and their defense as a whole — to be sound.

3. Jeurys Familia: Like Scott Rice, who received a “Down” over him on Opening Day, Familia has struggled in each of his two appearances. A prominent bullpen role is sitting there waiting for him, he just needs to pitch well enough to claim it.

Season Standings
Juan Lagares +3
Gonzalez Germen +2
Andrew Brown +1

Jose Valverde +1
David Wright +1
Travis d’Arnaud -1
Jeurys Familia -1
Daniel Murphy -1
Bobby Parnell -1
Scott Rice -1
Josh Satin -1
Eric Young, Jr. -2

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